Dr. Bill Ashley


Dr. Bill Ashley currently represents Shelton State in the West Alabama community and beyond. Serving as a member of the Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa and the Tuscaloosa Business Exchange, he has accepted leadership roles with groups such as the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama's Chairman's Council, the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center's Board of Directors, and the Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Committee. He maintains a spirit of "giving back" with his work with the Tuscaloosa City Schools' book buddy program and the United Way of West Alabama, and he eagerly anticipates his continued work with West Alabama Works and local business and industry.

Under his leadership, the College has experienced growth and change. With over two million dollars of capital improvements and a reorganization of his administrative team, Dr. Ashley has positioned the College to successfully meet the needs of its students and the West Alabama community.

Sean Jones


Sean Jones has set his Shelton Statement to music. A recipient of a Fine Arts Scholarship from Shelton State and a Shelton State Foundation Scholarship, Sean is making the most of his experiences at Alabama’s Community College of the Fine Arts. Sean plans to use the skills and knowledge he gains at Shelton State to transfer to a four-year school and major in education. With plans to someday give back through music programs in Alabama schools, Sean is making his great-grandmother proud and preparing to live his dreams.

Kaelyn and Michael Hunter


Michael and Kaelyn Hunter have made their Shelton Statement a family activity! Carrying on a Shelton State student legacy that began with his father, Michael Hunter is an Air Force veteran currently serving time in the Shelton State culinary kitchen. With passion for the artistry of the profession, Michael’s interest continues to evolve through the various aspects of the culinary arts program.

At her father’s side and attending Shelton State as a dual enrollment student, Kaelyn Hunter is taking full advantage of opportunities available to high school students. While earning college credits, Kaelyn is also developing study habits, learning practical skills, and having a great time!

Alicia Holloway


Alicia Holloway’s career as a nurse practitioner began with strong preparation. As a graduate of Shelton State’s nursing program and a recipient of a master’s degree, Alicia attributes her continued academic and professional success to the experience and training she received from clinical and classroom experiences at Shelton State. With confidence made possible by a challenging curriculum and supportive instructors, the gratitude she feels for a strong career foundation is Alicia Holloway’s Shelton Statement.

Matt Fitzgerald


As co-owner of Fitz-Thors Engineering, Matt Fitzgerald benefits not only from his experience as a former Shelton State student, but also from the training received by those he employs. The experience he gained in Shelton State’s machine shop contributed largely to his appreciation of the hands-on preparation necessary for his employees. With a Shelton Statement of encouragement to potential students, Matt hopes to inspire future engineers to take advantage of the career opportunities available at Shelton State.